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The ordinary citizen, throughout the world, has recently come to accept the problem of Climate Change. In New Zealand, interest in carbon trading has exploded due to the New Zealand Government’s announcement of the steps it will take to meet this challenge. Many companies see this as an opportunity not to be missed, although it may be new for them. A “Johnny-come-lately” business may attempt transactions that push the boundaries of fraudulence, given that the mechanisms for policing such trades are still evolving. Even more likely, mistakes may be made due to sheer ignorance – the situation is very complex, and new players cannot hope to understand all the subtleties that have been negotiated over the last twenty years, both nationally and internationally.
Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending the Environmental Intermediaries & Trading Group as being an organisation that has been involved in carbon trading since long before it became fashionable. Their regular news release The Carbon Monitor has been one of my sources for years. These people are not fly-by-nighters! Moreover, they would be far less likely to make mistakes than a newer organisation. They are not cowboys!

October 2007

This message was sent by Piers Maclaren, Registered Forestry Consultant, of Piers Maclaren & Associates, 115 East Belt Rangiora, New Zealand.

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Independent scientific advisors, specialising in silviculture and management of plantation forests (especially radiata pine); forest inventory; environmental issues related to plantation forestry; carbon sequestration and carbon credits.


“Equitech has worked with EITG over a number of years and found the team very knowledgeable and diligent in their work. A highly recommended partner for any company looking to capitalise on the emissions market.”

Andrew G Steel, Managing Director Equitech Thailand


GoodGround recommends this company to clients. They provide valuable information and give insights into the complex issues of carbon trading.
Martin Albrecht
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I have known Richard Hayes of EITG for over 12 years, since he approached Forest and Woodlot Consultants to discuss forest inventory procedures, and other issues associated with a potential market for Carbon Dioxide sequestration. This was at a time when the international trading in Carbon Credits was in its infancy, and there was little interest in its potential in New Zealand.

Since then I have regularly received EITG's Carbon Monitor, and thereby have been kept informed of the domestic and international developments germane to emission trading. Now that the process has been formally embraced in New Zealand, the foresight and diligent
research of Richard Hayes and his colleagues have established EITG as a leading specialist in the development and management of services supporting the implementation of a local emission trading system.

David A Elliott
ESc. Dip For, NZIF
Registered Forestry Consultant